Managing Curve Balls

Life has a habit of throwing curve balls. It’s whether you choose to catch them and follow their trajectory – or not – that counts. There are curve balls around every corner…spanners in the works, trip wires…random events in life designed to distract you from what you are meant to be doing, from what you […]

How To Guarantee Your Success In Network Marketing And Recruit with a Push Of A Button In 5 Simple Steps

Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Guest Blog: Ferny CeballosWhen I first started in network marketing, I was told something that really bothered me… It was at a nuts n’ bolts training meeting held by a successful distributor in my upline, a wealthy physician with his own private practice, who’d also made over 2 million dollars in […]

How to Transfer “Old-School” Recruiting and Team Building Techniques to the Internet – then Automate and Scale

Guest blogger: Ferny Ceballos   There’s a huge myth being perpetuated by 7-figure earners in network marketing… Some of the people spreading this ignorance are good friends, unfortunately. And the myth is this… You can’t build your network marketing business online and create duplication. Now, it goes without saying that… Duplicating what you do in […]

You Can’t Build a Network Marketing Business ONLINE Without Building It OFFLINE First – And Other Bull****!!

  I discovered a new book on Amazon the other day. (How interesting, I hear you say…but I shall continue, my friend).   You see this book was written by a network marketer – and he was talking about attraction marketing and how you could use the internet to build your business; and I thought, “Hey! […]

The 4 Dangers of Cold Market Recruiting

4 Dangers of Cold Market Recruiting

Guest Blog: Ferny CeballosToday, I want to discuss cold market recruiting and its dangers. And I don’t say dangers lightly. Historically, offline in-person cold market recruiting was the primary means to find prospects in the network marketing industry. Broadly defined, the cold market refers to people you didn’t previously have a relationship with and basically […]

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